Classic Pickup Truck with opening doors

Signed and numbered limited edition, great piece of wood working. The wooden hinged opening doors makes this item impractical for the small child as the doors are unrepairable. Also the price makes it not a good idea for a playtoy.

I have many collectors that treasure this classic pickup which comes in red, blue and black. The pickup is a Ford if you like Fords but it is a Chevrolet if you like Chevrolets.

Available only to Collectors.

Price: $265.00

3 Pickups may be made in 2018. You can order but email us, do not send payment in that it maybe 2019 for delivery.

Sold out for this the 2016 edition...Thank you......

  • Maple constuction all dowel constructio
  • Signed and numbered, limited edition
  • Heavy dowels
  • Recommended only for Collectors
  • The wooden hinge on door is not playworthy, this toy is a shelf sitter
  • Polyurathane gloss finish which is non-toxic and cleanable
  • 14 inches in length