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  • This site is primarily to perpetuate the memory of the Woodstock Toys.
About the Adventure

The Art of Making Wooden Toys

Woodstock Toys are hand made toys with all wood construction and a polyurethane finish. The toys have evolved over the years, from a simple basic process of band sawing the sanding and construction to a process which involves 27 steps or procedures to claim the quality of walking the thin line as to design attractiveness, being strong and durable, and most of all being clean and safe. The toys are designed for all ages from the toddler to the adult.

Please check out our page on archives of the art shows which we have historically sold, won awards and met and entertained our customers and their children. We have a wonderful following of collectors and we continue to make sculptor and one of a kind art pieces. Please keep in mind that we now only make a limited number to toys and we sell only through the internet.

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